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  • Coverage and Posts PREVIEW: A Fire On Venus

    October 25, 2019

    Recital continues our partnership with the New Hazlett Theater by publishing a preview and an editorially-independent review for the five performances in the 2019–20 CSA Performance Series season. Throughout the season, Recital is meeting with each of the artists to bring you a brief profile of them and their work in the days before their […]

  • Coverage and Posts RAD Interview with René Conrad

    October 8, 2019

    René Conrad, the Executive Director of the New Hazlett Theater, chatted with WQED-FM’s Jim Cunningham about the history of the theater; upcoming events at the location; and how you can rent the Theater for your next event! LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE

  • Coverage and Posts Humans of SSB: The New Hazlett Theater

    September 17, 2019

    Pittsburgh is a town full of rich history that can still be seen through the various revitalized buildings and businesses that remain prominent throughout the city. The New Hazlett Theater in the Northside is a prime example of this through its successful reinvention over the years. From its original assembly in 1889, The New Hazlett […]

  • Coverage and Posts Pittsburgh City Paper CSA 2019/20 Season Preview

    September 4, 2019

    Expect incredible local talent during New Hazlett Theater’s upcoming CSA Performance Series By Lisa Cunningham @trashyleesuh Pittsburgh artist and musician Brittney Chantele‘s album A Fire on Venus, released earlier this year, earned the pop singer a spot at large festivals including The Three Rivers Arts Festival and People’s Pride, as well as airtime on independent local radio station WYEP. This October, […]

  • Coverage and Posts REVIEW Her Holiness, The Winter Dog

    June 14, 2019

    Continuing Recital’s sponsored partnership with the New Hazlett Theater, we are presenting a series of editorially-independent previews and reviews of the 2018–2019 Community Supported Art (CSA) Performance Series. Below is our review of Her Holiness, The Winter Dog by Kamraton, a collaborative response from Recital editor David Bernabo, season review panelists Maree ReMalia and Jason Baldinger. Read […]