March 12, 2013 Coverage and Posts

A Spotlight on Young Jean Lee

Young Jean Lee’s approach to playwriting starts with a question: “What’s the last show in the world I would ever want to make?” When she finds the answer, Lee makes that show. The results are often brazen, frequently experimental, sometimes hilarious, and always adventurous.

Getting out of her comfort zone is how Lee forces herself to challenge her own assumptions and find new, unexpected sources of value. But Lee’s unorthodox approach doesn’t end there. She writes her plays in the middle of directing them, and she looks to her performers and artistic team for cues on how to revise plays.  She even brings the audience into the mix for additional feedback.

According to Lee, the goal of all this is “…to find ways to get past our audiences’ defenses against uncomfortable subjects and open people up to confronting difficult questions by keeping them disoriented and laughing.”

Lee has toured her shows in over twenty cities across the world. Now she’s adding Pittsburgh and the New Hazlett Theater to her list with UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW.  Lee’s latest experiment, UNTITLED brings together six stars as charismatic as they are diverse.  Female performers from the worlds of theater, dance, cabaret, and burlesque worlds come together for a one-of-a-kind performance.

Mostly silent, the show celebrates the female form in all its shapes as it explores female identity.  Hilton Als over at The New Yorker  wrote that UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW was one of his best theater experiences in all of 2012.

So what are you waiting for? Young Jean Lee’s UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW opens and closes on March 30 at the New Hazlett Theater.  The show’s one night only, so get your tickets today.

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