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CSA Spotlight: Continuum Dance Theater

Continuum Dance Theater’s artistic process is a bit unusual compared to most dance companies out there. In order to create their piece for the New Hazlett CSA, Continuum spent a year researching our city, touring Pittsburgh neighborhoods, and interviewing the people in our neighborhoods. Then they took all of that work back to the studio where they incorporated their findings into countless hours of discussion and movement work. At the end of it all, Continuum’s five member, all female cast takes on a character whose story unfolds through the fusion of dance and theater performance art.

Objects of Desire is the culmination of all that hard work and effort. Spearheaded and choreographed by Continuum’s founder and artistic director, Sarah Parker, Objects of Desire takes the audience on a journey through the spectacle that has become the American Dream.

Parker describes her creative process like constructing a piece of architecture: “I begin with the framework and concept, envisioning the platform for the greater vision. Then the finer details, fleshing it out until it starts to move and breathe on its own, becoming alive.

Diving into the human psyche and deconstructing social archetypes, Continuum explores what makes us all tick, how we are motivated as individuals and as a society and ultimately what addictions can take hold when the line is crossed from striving towards a goal to allowing your objectives to take hold of your life.

Questioning existing social standards and finding balance within personal dynamics takes Objects of Desire full circle as the audience is pulled by the dancers through acts of honest humor, human exposure, and the beauty and conflict that drives the creation of who and what we are.

You can learn more about Continuum Dance Theater on their website, continuumdancetheater.blogspot.com.

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