July 4, 2013 Coverage and Posts

CSA Spotlight: Dan Wilcox

Dan Wilcox is an artist, engineer, performer, and musician who combines live musical performance techniques with experimental electronics and software for exploration into themes of science fiction, space travel, cyborgification, and far futurism.  Dan’s engineering background is tempered by a punk rock craving for raw energy of expression, risk, and humor and leads to work that is robustly made yet spontaneously executed: a technological caveman beating a drum with an iPad.

Onward to Mars is a live, audio/visual astronaut rock opera which explores this question through a figurative journey to Mars in order to discover the music of the Red Planet:

In 2030, scientists discovered the fundamental frequency of the universe and that all living things are attuned to the specific harmonics of the celestial bodies they call home. Humans, accustomed to Earth’s frequencies, must know the music of another planet upon reaching a new world, otherwise face cellular collapse as dissonant vibrations collide. With the first manned mission to Mars already on its way, a crash course astronaut musician is sent on a one way trip to reach the Red Planet first and learn the “song of Mars” before he literally shakes apart. The fate of humanity’s future in space rests on his shoulders …

As research for Onward to Mars, artist Dan Wilcox spent 2 weeks on a simulated mission at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah wearing a spacesuit, living a tin-can existence, and experiencing the hardship and excitement of extra-planetary exploration.

Learn more about Dan and see some of his work on his website.

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