December 19, 2013 News

Post Gazette’s Best of 2013

Three of the New Hazlett’s shows made the PG’s best of lists this year, including barebones, the Festival of Firsts, and CORNINGWORKS.

Best of 2013: Theater
By Christopher Rawson
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Theater is live, in the moment. But good theater also has a half-life in reflection and memory. As we celebrate excellence in our annual retrospective of the previous 12 months, one memory rubs up against another, helping us see them in new ways.

Although we didn’t plan it this way, this year’s list features 10 theater companies, almost certainly a first in the half-century of these annual Post-Gazette retrospectives. Six other companies appear among runners-up. Note that we don’t consider repeats (“The Chief,” “Lion King”).

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Best of 2013: Dance
By Jane Vranish
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

With dance continuing its upswing in Pittsburgh, it gets more difficult to select the Top10. This year was a squeaker, where Marie Chouinard’s brilliant choreographic expose of French composer Erik Satie both soothed and shocked, and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre had its best effort in recent memory, inspired by all-American dancemaker Twyla Tharp.

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