Presented by Texture Contemporary Ballet

Shades of Light

March 21 – 23, 2014

Featuring three new works by Alan Obuzor and Kelsey Bartman, Shades of Light is presented in three acts.  Texture Contemporary Ballet’s latest performance is choreographed to the music of Valgeir Sigurosson, Anqwenique Wingfield, and Philip Glass.  Three nights only.  Do not miss this.

Texture Contemporary Ballet is comprised of classically trained professional ballet dancers who have danced and trained at some of the top ballet companies and schools in America. Performers are brought together on a per project basis to create and present predominantly contemporary and neo-classical work. Texture strives to inspire dancers, teachers, directors, choreographers, audience members and artists of every kind, by presenting ballet in an innovative way. We believe it is important to break through preconceived notions that people may hold while witnessing ballet for the first time. Yet simultaneously, Texture fulfills the expectations of frequent theatergoers and those who are deeply submerged in the dance world. Therefore, Texture is both unique and inviting, while still upholding standards of technique and presentation.


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