The Reduction

Presented by New Hazlett Theater 2015/2016 CSA Performance Series
August 13, 2015

With a small cast, David Bernabo crafts a semi-autobiographical, mixed-media movement theater production that presents characters in parallel states. Forces both abstract and concrete push performers in and out of storylines as the audience is guided through a range of actions, false paths, and surprises.

View this video on Vimeo for timed stamped questions.

David Bernabo

David Bernabo has spent over a third of his life making music, slightly less of his life exhibiting 2D, video, and installation work, and a few years as a dancer. He currently performs and composes for the band/art ensemble Host Skull, dances with Maree ReMalia | merrygogo and MODULES, and recently finished work on a feature-length documentary.


Photography: Renee Rosensteel; Video: Jeremy Fleishman

Performance News

Review: The Reduction
August 31, 2015
Q&A David Bernabo
August 10, 2015

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