Loving Black

Presented by New Hazlett Theater 2015/2016 CSA Performance Series
December 10, 2015

For generations, black masculinity has been defined along a narrow spectrum.  Loving Black redefines black male identity through vulnerability and love.  This hour-long theatrical experience combines music and dance as it spans genres as varied as jazz, classical, and hip hop, and captures the diverse black experience in the United States.

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Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams is a Pittsburgh-based dancer and choreographer who has performed with Attack Theatre, Pittsburgh Opera, and August Wilson Center Dance Ensemble, to name just a few. Anthony is also an educator and has taught dance at Millennium Dance Complex, Point Park University, The Alloy School, Father Ryan Arts Center, and Hill Dance Academy Theatre.


Photography: Renee Rosensteel; Video: Jeremy Fleishman

Performance News

Review: Loving Black
January 6, 2016
Q&A with Anthony Williams
December 9, 2015

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