Escape Velocity

Presented by New Hazlett Theater 2017/2018 CSA Performance Series
May 31, 2018


Imagine a circus shaped entirely by the audience and one very unique deck of tarot cards. Escape Velocity tells the story of a soul trapped in limbo, revealed one draw at a time. What scripts have we been handed? What prisons do we construct for ourselves?  What is our capacity for resistance, rebellion, and rebirth?

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View this video on Vimeo for timed stamped questions.

Double Blind Productions is an interdisciplinary performance collective spanning Pittsburgh, Colorado, and New York. Double Blind currently consists of Amanda Hackman, John Hackman, Moriah Ella Mason, Angela Whalen, and Miles Wilder with guest collaborators the Bombyx Collective and O’Ryan the O’Mazing.


Photography: Renee Rosensteel; Video: Jeremy Fleishman

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REVIEW Escape Velocity
June 20, 2018

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