My Good Side & RETREAD/together/apart

Presented by New Hazlett Theater 2014/2015 CSA Performance Series
June 11, 2015

My Good Side

Teena Marie Custer’s My Good Side examines how we create personas across social networks with a brand new solo hip-hop dance performance.

View this video on Vimeo for timed stamped questions.

Teena Marie Custer is a b-girl and hip hop dance theatre artist based in Pittsburgh, PA.  Teena Marie battles and performs internationally with her all female street dance group, Venus Fly Trap, as well as her local Pittsburgh crew, Get Down Gang. Her hip hop dance theater solo, “The Be-Girl Diaries” was selected to be performed at Sadler’s Wells Theater in London, England.


Roberta Guido uses dance in RETREAD/together/apart to explore the powerful effects of touch on human emotion.

View this video on Vimeo for timed stamped questions.

Roberta Guido is a student at The College at Brockport, New York, where she has danced in numerous performances.  In the coming year, Roberta aims to create new work outside the university setting and establish herself as an artist and dancer.


Photography: Renee Rosensteel; Video: Jeremy Fleishman

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