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CSA Artist: Moriah Ella Mason

Part of the CSA Performance Series

Saturday, October 118pm

Review: Contained
Q&A: Contained 

Moriah Ella Mason’s Contained walks the line between wild and domestic.  Inspired by the strange assortment of creatures found in natural history museums, dancers evolve from insects to animals, from humans to monsters, myths, and beyond.  Contained explores our relationship to the untamed.

Moriah Ella Mason Interview from New Hazlett Theater on Vimeo.

Witness the evolution of this project with a behind-the-scenes video…

About the Local Artist

Moriah Ella Mason is a choreographer and interdisciplinary artist living and working in Pittsburgh.  Her work has been seen locally at BUNKERprojects, RAW Pittsburgh, Spinning Plate Artist Lofts, and The Space Upstairs and has also been presented in Philadelphia, Tucson, and Brooklyn. She finds inspiration in visceral experiences, snails, the hall of North American wildlife in the Carnegie Museum, muscles and bones, gravity, and mapmakers. Ella graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2009 with concentrations in Modern Dance and International Development. You can learn more at www.moriahellamason.com.

About the CSA

The New Hazlett Theater Community Supported Art Performance Series is based on the farm share model of community supported agriculture.  For only $100, each New Hazlett CSA “shareholder” receives six fresh productions, delivered every other month to the New Hazlett Theater.