Cole Hoyer-Winfield’s Midnight in Molina

Part of the CSA Performance Series

Thursday, October 208PM

Life is made up of cycles: Days and nights replay, our mistakes repeat, and plants grow and die outside in the garden. It’s the same story just about anywhere you go, unless that is, you’re in Molina and midnight is drawing near…

Through hand-drawn projections, shadow puppetry, and live music, Midnight in Molina transports viewers to a mystical realm where the earth unravels and dreams come to life — a moonlit town where nothing is what it seems.

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Cole Hoyer-Winfield

Cole is a graphic artist and storyteller. His work explores folklore, visual language, and narrative traditions from different cultures and how to transform them into new experiences for audiences around the world. Find out more about Cole on his website.

About the CSA

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