New Hazlett Theater Technical Specifications


Theater Features

  • Thrust stage with “In the round” configuration possible.
  • Up to two-line set hemp fly system possible.
  • Steel grid with steel pipe hanging positions
  • Extensive package of theatrical lighting, sound and AV equipment.
  • Full stage black masking and a full stage cyclorama – cyclorama utilizes 1 flying lineset.
  • Multiple dressing rooms, restrooms, green room, wardrobe room
  • Standard capacity of 432; with additional folding chairs added on stage level capacity becomes 482 (5 rows of 10 chairs)
  • Standing-room only capacity of 500
  • A.D.A. accessible stage-level seats, including 4 wheelchair locations and 10 removable chairs
  • Hearing-aid compatible assisted hearing devices available
  • House Capacities: Total = 432 seats
    • Includes 6 wheelchair locations and 6 removable chairs
    • Can increase capacity up to 492 with additional folding chairs on stage level (6 rows of  10 chairs)

Download Full Seating Charts


Dressing Rooms:

  • Dressing room A: A.D.A. accessible dressing room/Quick change/Green room. 12’ x 23’ Located backstage. 3 makeup positions with lighting and 110v power, full bathroom with accessible stall and shower.
  • Dressing room B: Located on basement level 35’ x 24’. 16 makeup positions individual 110v power, 2 sinks, and access to Restroom B (two sinks, 2 toilets, shower room 2 heads)
  • Dressing room C: Located on basement level 35’ x 16’. 4 makeup positions, 110v power, 2 sinks, 2 toilets, shower room with 2 heads.
  • NOTE: Basement dressing rooms are not A.D.A. accessible at this time.


Laundry Room:

  • Located in basement, equipped with washer, dryer, iron, and table.
  • NOTE: The laundry room is not A.D.A. accessible at this time.


Lobby and Reception Area Features

  • Public amenities include spacious lobby, wet bar, concession stand/box office with coat check, restrooms, and drinking fountain
  •  Side patio can be utilized in nice weather
  • A.D.A. accessible with ramp access from designated handicap parking spaces
  • Reception capacity up to 200
  • Projector screen and sound system available for presentations
  • Vendor and display tables available in any configuration (2 8-ft and 4 6-ft)
  • Box office computer with Wi-Fi and access to online ticketing services


Rehearsal Room Features

  • 42’ x 32’ identical footprint of stage in thrust configuration
  • Abundant natural light
  • Can be reserved in advance based on availability
  • Long tables and chairs available in any configuration (2 8-ft and 4 6-ft)
  • NOTE: The rehearsal room is not A.D.A. accessible at this time.


Personnel Information

Technical labor:

  • Technical Labor is available at an hourly rate.
  • Sound, lighting, set, and costume designers available for an additional fee


  • House manager and security attendant required
  • Bar tender included
  • Volunteer ushers included based on availability
  • Additional FOH staff available upon request at additional cost


Stage Information

Loading Dock:

  • Located at 6 Allegheny Square East, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
  • Unencumbered entrance to 17’ wide loading dock
  • Truck parking pad 32’ wide x 40’ deep
  • Dock height at stage for loading is 4’4″
  • Loading doors to stage are 10’8” high x 4’6” wide
  • Parking available at loading dock for 2 large trucks/vans OR for 6 personal vehicles provided

Scene shop:

  •  32’ w x 32’ d x 14’ h backstage build out area. Space may be limited depending on seating configuration installed

Permanently hung drapery:

  • The Grand Traveler is black in color, slice with travel, Stage Right pull. Permanently hung upstage approximately 24” downstage of the steel uprights

Stage Dimensions:

  • Max capacity seating: 32’ deep x 25’ wide (w/ side seating banks)
  • Min capacity seating: 32’’ deep x 48’6”’wide (w/o side seating banks)
  • Special capacity seating: 57’ deep x 48’6” wide (w/o side and center seating banks)
  • Height to grid: 31’2”
  • Height to tech rail: 24’3”
  • Stage roll door 7’6” w x 14’6” h


  • Can be accommodated and terminated at additional cost with advanced notice, materials prep, etc.
  • Trapped area downstage 17’4” wide x 13’4” deep (in 3’6” w x 3’4” sections)
  • Upstage trapped stair entrances from basement dressing rooms stage left and right, 8’ x 3’
  • Trap Room: 18’ x 30’ Accommodates approximately 10 musicians, with stage monitor
  • NOTE: The trap room is not A.D.A. accessible at this time.


  • There is access from backstage to the Front of House from either SL or SR.
  • The crossover is accessible either upstage of Grand Traveler or through the shop area
  • Bridged, elevated acting space of 34’8” w x 5’4” d.

Stage Floor:

  • The stage floor make-up consists of a painted Masonite finish on tongue and groove oak. The floor is painted matte black, and is not waxed or polished. Nails or screwing into the floor is allowed only under the supervision of the Technical Director. Lags, bolts, or drilling into the floor is only permitted at the discretion of the Technical Director and may incur additional cost.

Dance Floors:

  • 32’ deep x 40’ wide Black Marley available as a rental (please see additional rental sheet)

Line sets – Stage Rigging:

  • Total Line sets: 2 Single purchase line sets with 250lb Maximum capacity each.
  • Number One is installed upstage of the grand traveler
  • Number Two is installed 12’ downstage of the grand traveler
  • Battens: Length 30’0″, 1-1/2″ diameter
  • Grid height: 31’2”’ height
  • Location of Fly Rail: Stage right, 24’3″ height from stage

Soft goods:

  • 2 Black tech rail borders at 29’ x 6’4” ADC 2839
  • 1 Black Traveler at 50’ x 30’ 6’ADC 238-5, Stage right pull
  • Under balcony Masking—5 pair dead hung legs, no fullness
  • Cyclorama, white, seamless—30’ x 30’


Electrical Capabilities

The theater has a flexible House Repertory Plot suitable for all types of performing and presentation events. It is the responsibility of the client to restore the House Repertory Plot. This will be done at the client’s sole expense during the client’s rental period, unless other arrangements have been made prior to the first day of the client’s load-in.

House light control:

  • Unison programmable touch pad
  • House light fixtures are Source 4 pars and PAR38 installation fixtures


  • (3) ETC 96 sensor installation racks with DMX 512 Control
  • (122) 2.4 kW Dual Dimmer D20 Modules
  • (6) 2.4 kW Dual Relay R20 Modules
  • (2) 2.4 kW Dual Constant-Circuit CC20 Modules

Theatrical Lighting Control Console and DMX Distribution:

  • ETC Ion with (1) 2X20 expansion fader wing
  • Asus RT-N56U wireless router for lighting network
  • Pathway Pathport Octo 8-port multi-universe distribution
  • 4 Doug Fleenor Opto-Isolator 5-port single-universe distribution

Theatrical Lighting Fixtures:

  • All Source4 Pars have WFL, MFL, NSP and VNSP lenses. All instruments have safety cables, color frames, and 20 amp Union Stage Pin Connector.

Lighting Instruments:

  • Ellipsoidals:
    • (24) ETC Source Four 19-degree, 575-Watt
    • (18) ETC Source Four 26-degree, 575-Watt
    • (34) ETC Source Four 36-degree, 575-Watt
    • (8) ETC Source Four 50-degree, 575-Watt
    • (18) ETC Source Four 15-50-degree Zoom, 750-Watt
    • (6) ETC ColorSource Spot 26-degree EDLT
    • (6) ETC ColorSource Spot 36-degree EDLT
    • (8) ETC ColorSource Spot 50-degree EDLT
  • PARs:
    • (24) ETC Source Four PAR, 575-Watt
    • (12) ETC Source Four House PAR 575-Watt (hard-wired and permanently affixed)
    • (12) ETC Selador Desire D60 Vivid with Narrow Diffuser and Egg-Crate louver
  • Scrollers:
    • (3) Apollo Smart Color PRO 7.25” 18-24-frame Scrollers
    • (1) Apollo 400 PSU
  • Accessories:
    • (20) S4 A-size Gobo frames
    • (20) S4 B-size Gobo frames

StagePin         5-Pin DMX          4-Pin DMX        Powercon       Adapters
(20) 5’               (30) 5’                      (10)15’                   (10) 5’                (10) StagePin 2-fers
(20) 10’             (20) 10’                    (3) 25’                   (20) 15’              (12) StagePin M to Edison F
(20) 15’             (25) 15’                     (2) 50’                   (10) 25’              (12) StagePin F to Edison M
(10) 25’             (20) 25’
(10) 50’             (10) 50’
(5) 100’             (4) 100’

Stage Power:

  • 100 amp three phase power via Cam-Lock connection available upstage right
  • 50 amp single phase (2 pole) NEMA 14-50 receptacle available upstage right (small distro options available)
  • Lighting grid is 1:1 circuiting terminated with stage pin


Audio Capabilities

Audio Control Equipment:

  • Yamaha QL5 Digital Console
  • Apple Mac Mini computer with QLab
  • Asus RT-N56U wireless router for sound network
  • Atlas BB-1616DT Digital Signal Processor

Central Loudspeaker Cluster Electronics / Components -”House system”:

  • Left and Right Array (capable of being raised and lowered from the stage deck to a low trim and a high trim—client must allow time for change and restore):
    • (2) L’Acoustics A15 Focus and (4) A15 Wide L&R Array
  • Center Array (capable of being raised and lowered)
    • (1) L’Acoustics A10 Focus and (2) A10 Wide Center Array
  • Amplifiers
    • (4) L’Acoustics LA4X Amplifiers
  • Subs
    • (2) Custom built flown enclosures with 21” B&C Subwoofers
    • (1) L’Acoustics LA12X Amplifier
  • Stage Monitors
    • (4) L’Acoustics X12
    • (1) L’Acoustics LA4X Amplifier
  • Under Balcony Monitors
    • (4) EAW JF60Z
    • (1) QSC PLD4.2 Amplifier

Production Communications System:

  • (1) Clearcom 2-Channel Intercom Main Station/Power/Supply
  • (1) Clearcom 2-Channel Portable Stage Manager Main Station
  • (9) Clearcom 1-Channel Intercom Beltpack
  • (9) Clearcom Communication Headset
  • (1) Clearcom Communication Handset (for Audio Booth)
  • XLR cables for connection to house communications ports will be provided based on requested headset quantity and placement.


Additional Equipment Available to Rent

Presentation Equipment:

  • Panasonic 6,500 lumen 1920×1200 resolution projector (either PT-EZ770ZU or PT-MZ670U)
  • DaLite 9’x16’ projection screen
  • 2 – 55” Confidence monitors
  • Up to 6 Shure QLX wireless microphones (either handhelds or bodypack transmitters with lavaliers)
  • Video recording cameras for archival or live streaming needs
  • Apple Macbook Pro Laptop with Powerpoint

Audio Equipment:

  • Dante 1608 RIO rack
  • Shure QLX wireless microphones
  • Portable PA speakers, 8” and 12”
  • Wired Microphones and DI’s(ask for current list available)
  • 50’ XLR 16×4 snake
  • XLR cable packages
  • Mic stands, music stands, and music stand lights also available in package rates

Lighting Equipment:

  • Radience Hazer (provided with fluid)
  • LED up-lighting package

Video Equipment:

  • Video recording cameras for archival or live streaming needs
  • Conductor Camera / Stage Feed Camera set-up available

Dance Floor:

  • 32’ deep x 40’ wide Marley flooring, black or grey available.

Lobby Equipment:

    • 55” visual displays1920x1080 resolution with limited audio capabilities (on rolling stands)
    • PA system for vocal announcements or live band

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