March 23, 2021 Press Releases

New Hazlett Theater Safety Protocols

The New Hazlett Theater staff has been committed to every person’s safety during the filming of each CSA performance and has established safety protocols in consultation with other local theater organizations, health professionals, and with information provided by the CDC and local government.

Here are some of the ways that our artists and crew were protected during the making of this production:

  • Artists and crew were given lifestyle surveys prior to rehearsal and filming to evaluate risk and prepare mitigation plans.
  • Artists and crew were asked to self-isolate during the weeks leading up to and during the filming process.
  • Artists and crew were tested for COVID-19 at regular intervals during the rehearsal and filming process.
  • Artists and crew were questioned about activities and symptoms each time they entered the building.
  • All rehearsals were conducted with actors and crew in appropriate PPE provided by New Hazlett Theater in consultation with health professionals.
  • All production crew was socially distanced throughout the production.
  • No other individuals were permitted on set during filming.
  • All singing in the production was pre-recorded with each singer in isolation. No singing was done during the filming of the performance.

For questions and concerns about COVID-19 safety procedures please contact Executive Director, René Conrad at

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