January 5, 2013 Press Releases

Flexure Performs Newly Composed Music

Flexure, a jazz ensemble that straddles traditional and experimental directions, performs new compositions and improvised pieces – including a multimedia-enriched experience Saturday, January 5 at 8 p.m. in the New Hazlett Theater.

“I wanted to assemble an electric-based ensemble that drew its initial inspiration from the Miles Davis ensembles of the early 1970s,” Ben Opie, the band’s leader, said.  “His music at the time was experimental and very dark, but also was founded on rock solid grooves.”

During the performance, the group will be joined by Matt Wellins, who creates computer generated and processed visuals that will spontaneously shift with the flow of the music, adding to the mood and sensory perception of the performance. Materials recorded during the residency will be shaped and edited in the studio and eventually reassembled for release.

The band is comprised of six members including Opie on alto sax and electronics, who has played with Thoth Trio and OPEK, as well as bassist Paul Thompson and drummer David Throckmorton, whose totally improvised drum-and-bass/hip hop group called Beam serves as inspiration for some of Flexure’s sounds.  Trumpeter Ian Gordon, guitarist Chris Parker, and percussionist George Jones round out Flexure’s roster. The concert culminates the band’s residency at the Theater from January 3 through 5.

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