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PGH City Paper: New Hazlett Theater’s 10th season to bring original plays, music, and more

New Hazlett Theater’s 10th season to bring original plays, music, and more

The New Hazlett has announced the 10th season of its Community Supported Art program, with five premier performances from Pittsburgh-based artists. The programs will start in October 2022 and continue through April 2023.

“This year’s CSA Artists represent the many dedicated, multi-faceted theater artists that have kept this industry alive over the past two years,” says Director of Programming Kristin Helfrich. “They are creators and authors, but they are also educators, box office managers, directors. This season is dedicated to these artists who are committed to the live stage. These are their stories.”

Offering a wide range of performances from original plays, to a hip-hop performance, to movement-based work, the five shows offer something for anyone interested in the scope of the arts scene in Pittsburgh.

Past CSA contributors have included artist Brittney Chantele’s reimagined performance of their A Fire On Venus album, and most recently, Feralcat’s Dissasembly series. All shows this season will be live and on stage at the North Side’s New Hazlett Theater.

This year’s performers include music with Vida Chai, a play about Shakespeare by Nathan Wagner, a live hip-hop performance by Ys1 (Yusef Shelton Da First), a play with movement by Jasmine Roth, and an “8th-grade fan girl adventure” with Kelly Trumbull.

“After having several Zoom readings of this play over the course of the pandemic, I believe it is at a place where it needs an audience,” says Trumbull. “It is my hope that this isn’t the finished product and the CSA experience will help this piece continue to grow.”

For a full schedule of events and information on tickets, visit newhazletttheater.org.


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