Presented by Texture Contemporary Ballet

Rushing Horizons – Children’s Performance

March 24, 2018

With each new day comes a new horizon to remind us of the beauty of the present and the promise of growth in the future. Texture takes the stage to celebrate the art of contemporary ballet while continuing to grow and push boundaries in its ability, style, and presence.

Artistic director Alan Obuzor presents a new work, WIM, to the mesmerizing music of Wim Mertens, filled with fluid artistry and polished technique. Associate artistic director Kelsey Bartman also presents a new piece danced to the music of Volcano Choir with costuming by Madeline Kendall. Also returning with a new piece is guest choreographer Brynn Vogel, whose piece will be danced to the music of the “King of Soul” Otis Redding.


This performance is geared for ages 0-10, but all ages are welcome! This presentation will include a 20-30 minute performance followed by an interactive portion where the children will be invited on stage to participate. The total time is expected to be one hour.

This is a great way to expose your young children to dance when you aren’t sure of their reaction or ability to sit still.

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