Presented by Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge

Making the Business Case

January 30, 2015

This public workshop will help you identify which opportunities tend to produce the biggest “bang for the buck” in terms of energy savings.  The program features presentations from past GWC participants who have demonstrated significant energy savings through their investments and employee engagement activities.  Panelists will discuss ways of offsetting the costs of conducting energy audits with ACT 129 rebates for improved efficiencies in electrical equipment as well as demand response programs.  Presenters will show how to formulate a financial plan and set expectations on how long it will take to achieve payback on such investments.

Featured Speakers:

  • Zachery Ambrose, Program Coordinator, Performance Systems Development: Engaging Your Employees in Energy Saving Opportunities and Home and at Work
  • Skip Shemon, Pittsburgh Site Managment, Bayer Business and Technology Services
  • Greg Wozniak, Principal, G. A. Wozniak and Associates: Energy Audits– The Process and Expected Outcomes


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