Presented by New Hazlett Theater 2016/2017 CSA Performance Series
June 1, 2017

“When I was 25, a therapist told me that I was retarded.”

Kalopsia (kal-op-see-uh) is the delusion of things being more beautiful than what they are.  Both courageous and comic, this daring new musical takes a look inside the world of mental illness in the black community.  Kalopsia is a no-holds-barred journey into a surreal world of music, glam, faith, and healing.

View this video on Vimeo for timed stamped questions.

Monteze Freeland

Monteze is an actor, director, playwright and Artistic Director of The LAB Project. Monteze is also a teaching artist who is the current Director of Education for Quantum Theatre and Artistic Associate for Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company.


Photography: Renee Rosensteel; Video: Jeremy Fleishman

Performance News

REVIEW Kalopsia
June 18, 2017
PREVIEW Kalopsia
May 19, 2017

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