Couples, Come Out! – POSTPONED

February 2, 2013

Local creative couples show how teamwork supports relationships and the artistic process. Couples Come Out! celebrates the collaboration of love-birds as they present their work and profession to the public.  People have a very hard time surviving in a world surrounded by division. Divorce happens and children can often become the main focus of a family unit. How do people maintain a “honeymoon-phase”? Self-expression and collaboration are great answers. Couples of all kinds will be showcased — giving away secrets and struggles of their time together — proof that two individuals can come together to create art and business in a long term partnership.

Creative Couples include:
·      Actor/photographer David C. Conley and poet/playwright Tameka Cage Conley
·      Visual artist Darrell Kinsel with the classical vocal arrangements of Anqwenique Wingfield
·      Billy Pilgrim, the Shadow Lounge and Kendra Vie Boheme, August Wilson Center Dance Ensemble
·      Vince and Sara Ventura, actors and directors at 12 Peers Theater
·      Brandon and Sonoma Johnson, owners of Cultural Elite Salon and Barber Shop
·      Martial artists and dancers, Victor and Nicole Carter of Visionary Performing Arts Academy
·      Spoken word artist Leslie “Ezra” Smith and mime artist Hotep the Artist of the Twin Soul Affect