CORNINGWORKS: What’s Missing?

March 29 – 2, 2017

If we all witness the same event, at the exact same time, will our report of the moment be the same? What is the truth? Is there a truth? Whose is wrong? Whose perspective?

What’s Missing? hones in on the multi-layered complications of perception. Staged in the round, each side of the audience will experience the work differently from those seated in another area. As the spoken text and commanding physical acuity of these two seasoned artists continue to revolve and evolve, each audience member will be challenged anew to interpret and reinterpret what they’re seeing and hearing, what they think they believe to be happening.

What’s Missing? is a GLUE FACTORY PROJECT, an original dance theater production created by internationally and nationally acclaimed performers over the age of 40.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no performance on Saturday, April 1st.

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