Work With Us

We’re currently searching for a bushel of awesome folks to work with us here at the New Hazlett. We’re on the lookout for a:

Technology Consultant

We’re looking for a technical wizard. If you know how to kit out a company for all of its technological needs, you should check out this RFP.

Download the full RFP.


Marketing and Communications Manager

You are a social media samurai, a top-grade wordsmith with a love for all things artistic. We are a community-centric nonprofit arts organization looking for your skills. Our Marketing and Communications Manager will handle all in-house writing and design work, including brochures, ads, emails and individual solicitation efforts. They will coordinate with vendors for distribution and mailing, oversee the NHT website, and handle all social media. The Marketing and Communications Manager is responsible for media and donor relations. They maintain NHT’s databases, and are responsible for pulling data for marketing and fundraising efforts, and for analyzing and evaluating marketing and social media metrics. Check out the full description here.


Bartenders are the life of the party, and they definitely know how to keep it going (and they also know when it’s time for last call). New Hazlett bartenders are in charge of running the bar and concession stand during shows and events, as well as keeping track of the inventory, handling cash and credit cards, and all the other stuff that goes along with keeping a bar neat. Order up a full description here.

House Manager

Do you know how to handle a crowd? Have an eye for detail and a brain that can juggle three tasks and four patrons at the same time? Then you’re house manager material! New Hazlett house managers are on-site for events open to the general public. You’d watch over the audience, make sure everything goes smoothly with the seating, and generally make sure everyone’s safe. Like our own personal theater super-hero. Read the complete write up here.

Security Attendant

Ever vigilant protecting the people of Gotham — err, we mean patrons of the New Hazlett and helping them find parking. (Which can sometimes be as challenging as being the Dark Knight.) Security attendants perform rounds and provide directions and parking assistance to our patrons. Cape and cowl not required. They also let the rest of the staff know about any irregularities inside or outside the building during their shift. Sometimes they work in conjunction with other hired security personnel. Full write up download here.


Volunteer Opportunities

We have various volunteer opportunities available from front-of-house staffing to administrative duties. The New Hazlett also employs part-time staff on a casual basis including house managers, bartenders, and security guards. Help us create an extraordinary experience for our patrons and enjoy incredible perks of live entertainment throughout the season. Ushers must be at least 17 years of age, be able to walk up and down stairs, be comfortable standing for long periods of time, and have no fear of heights.

If you are interested in working or volunteering at the Theater please fill out this form.  Be a part of the creative heartbeat on the Northside and lend a hand.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are available to college students.  We give students an opportunity to engage in hands-on professional training from New Hazlett staff, local artists and craftspeople. The Theater provides interns with training and educational opportunities that will expand their knowledge of working in professional theater. If you would like to learn more about internship opportunities at the Theater please fill out this form.