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  • Coverage and Posts CSA Spotlight: Miniature Curiosa

    May 30, 2013

    Zach Dorn and Murphi Cook — the whimsically idiosyncratic duo that make up Miniature Curiosa — explore the underbelly of childhood nostalgia with, as Zach and Murphi put it, “The disappointed eyes of adulthood.”  Miniature Curiosa uses a combination of real-time camera work, hand-crafted miniature set pieces, and live performance to create a fast-moving, fast-talking […]

  • News POPCity Feature: Pittsburgh Theater Troupes

    May 22, 2013

    By Robert Isenberg Wednesday, May 22, 2013 POPCity Pittsburgh is packed with theaters—large and small, amateur and Equity, and each is a little bit different from all the others. Some fans try to see everything, and they bounce from Public to City to Quantum with aplomb, signing up for every season subscription they can find. […]

  • Coverage and Posts CSA Spotlight: Kelli Stevens Kane

    May 9, 2013

    “Watching Kelli perform is an intimate experience. There is a spiritual, kind of mystical element…her words are so powerful and her presence is magnetic–almost otherworldly.” -Amanda Gilby, Fiction Contest Winner, Hip Mama Magazine Poet, playwright, and oral historian, Kelli Stevens Kane unearths surprises at the crossroads of human vulnerability and possibility.  Always on the go […]

  • Coverage and Posts Spiritual Breath

    April 29, 2013

    This Saturday Sanctuary of Praise presents an evening of music including a combination of lyrical dance, Christian rap, spoken word, contemporary gospel, and praise and worship. Performing artists include Bloodsent, Jordan Welch, Adrienne Butler Leonard & The Sanctuary of Praise Choir, Spirit-Lead, and Michaela and Jordan. Support from the evening helps fund Set Free, a Pittsburgh movie […]

  • Coverage and Posts Artistic Approach to the CSA

    April 16, 2013

    Theaters and farm shares are, at their core, very similar.  How?  The answer is simple; we’re both in the business of cultivation. Local farm shares cultivate crops, yes, but they also cultivate the community that springs up around the farm.  As they provide sustenance to their neighbors, so too does the neighborhood support the farm. […]

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