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corningworks / frank walsh
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the waiting room

Presented by CORNINGWORKS the glue factory project

Wed-Sun, September 5-9

a surreal, multi-disciplinary, transcendent, dance theater work where death meets life. . .
Using the catalyst of a little known Jewish tradition, where from the moment of death until the moment of burial, a body should not be left unattended, a SHOMER (guard) is engaged to sit through the long overnight vigil.

What is it like sitting in a room alone with death for hours?

Through the integral use of creative projections, theatrical innovations, and Corning’s poignant choreographic style, this group of performing and visual artists collaboratively create a stunning, often times surreal and otherworldly experience, proffering a transcendent work that touches more on life, than on death. How can it not?

Photo by corningworks / frank walsh