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Photo Credit: Bill Hebert

CSA Artist: Continuum Dance Theater

Saturday, December 148pm

Sarah Parker and Continuum Dance Theater delve into the depths of human yearning in this world premier of Objects of DESIRE.  Part dance performance, part psychological experiment, Continuum Dance Theater has combed the streets of local communities to explore the root causes love, success, comfort and pain.

Sarah Parker of Continuum Interview from New Hazlett Theater on Vimeo.

About the Process

After a year of city-wide research and countless hours in the studio in movement, Continuum’s cast each take on a character constructed from the company’s personal interviews with community members.  Their stories unfold in a single evening through the fusion of dance and theater performance art. Diving into the human psyche and deconstructing social archetypes, Continuum follows the manifestations of drive, exploring what makes us tick, how we are motivated as individuals and as a society and ultimately what addictions can take hold when the line is crossed from striving towards a goal to allowing your objectives to take hold of your life.

About the Local Artists

Continuum Dance Theater (CDT) is an all female professional dance company skilled at turning alternative venues into intimate performance happenings. Led by Founding Artistic Director and Choreographer, Sarah Parker, CDT’s work provides new perspective on subjects of social and personal examination, delving into stereotypes of the human character and analyzing, through movement, alternative views of our contemporary generation.

Learn more about Continuum Dance Theater on their website.

About the CSA

The New Hazlett Theater Community Supported Art Performance Series is based on the farm share model of community supported agriculture.  For only $100, each New Hazlett CSA “shareholder” receives six fresh productions, delivered every other month to the New Hazlett Theater.