René Conrad | Executive Director

René works with the Board of Directors to determine the vision and goals for the Theater, then sets about working with the staff on strategies to meet them. After 16 years of for-profit management, she traded in the long corporate hours of planning, budgeting, and fundraising for the long non-profit hours of planning, budgeting, and fundraising. But at the end of the day, when she comes downstairs, there’s dancing. Or singing. Or poetry or acting or sometimes even a girl on a trapeze. René thinks she has the best job in Pittsburgh.

Scott Conklin | Technical Director

Scott is the liaison and technical advisor to all the artists who produce and perform their work at the Theater. He works closely with them to make their magic happen. He ensures that all our theatrical equipment is, as he likes to say, rock solid. A problematic set design is no problem. Any audio and video glitches are immediately unglitched. He provides a smoothly functioning venue and assists in troubleshooting just about every electrical or mechanical thing we have around here, from the lighting console to the ice machine.

Bill Rodgers | Director of Programming

Bill has his hand in all manner of activities here at the theater.  Everything from organizing the staff, writing grants, and piloting programs to lugging gear and fixing leaks.  He’s a wonderful jack of all trades that has worked with hundreds of established, emerging, and off the map artists of all varieties and truly understands the importance of enabling creative voice and the raw possibilities of community.

Mindy Cooper | Programming and Events Manager

Mindy knows humor. She’s an Executive Director for the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival, and is involved in programming and house managing at Arcade Comedy Theater. She’s also performed in sketch shows and immersive theater, and her improv resume includes performances with Well Known Strangers, Atomic Jane, and a number of Arcade house teams. Mindy also knows programming and events management which she handles like a dream here at the New Hazlett.

Dylan Baker  |  Master Electrician/Assistant Technical Director

Dylan troubleshoots any lighting issues from wiring to control to checking to see if something is actually plugged in. He helps out any way he can whether that is installing a projector, building a set, or fixing some tech. Dylan’s in charge of booking technical staff for events, checking in and out equipment, and making sure the light plot is restored to our repertory plot. He also does the little things for the building such as installing kickstands for the doors, changing light bulbs, and moving things from one place to another to eventually somewhere else.

Maura Bell | Marketing & Development Assistant

Maura aids in all things office related, from marketing to development and anything in between. She brings her sharp eye for detail to managing the database. Her background is in ballet performance, but she is excited to make the transition to behind the scenes work. Maura is former PULSE fellow partnering with the New Hazlett.

Anne Bemis | Marketing & Communications Manager

Anne is the communications trifecta: marketing, public relations, and design. Her marketing efforts for the New Hazlett Theater include building a strong brand across all platforms, helping our theater partners promote their performances, and growing awareness for the Community Supported Art Program. Anne works directly with our CSA artists to develop a marketing strategy and design promotions for their one of a kind performances.

Michelle Engleman, Hannah Frank, Klara Hricik, Tracee Imai, Eric Johnson, Bob Jungkunz,
Claire Landuyt, Heidi Nagle, Howard Parsons, Dan Piser, Thomas Poole,
Jesse Randall, Alexis Retcofsky, Ally Ricarte, and Robert Towarnicki | Front of House

You’ll see our front of house folk at every performance.  They greet patrons, make sure we stay on schedule, and deal with emergencies should they arise. They provide outstanding customer service, to patrons and performing companies alike. Need help finding parking? They’re on it.  Watch for them near the entrance to the Theater – they’ll be happy to help with directions.