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  • Event Night Circus: The New Hazlett Salon

    May 22, 2015

    Magic. Mystery. Phantasmagoric splendor. Prepare yourself, this night you’ll remember. Marvels we’ve gathered for our soirée. Like dreams, they’ll vanish in the light of day. Wonders many will leave you wordless. This September, journey to the Night Circus. Mark your calendars and join the New Hazlett Theater for our annual benefit salon this September. Doors open at 6PM, performances begin at 7PM, [...]

  • Theater The Evening

    April 30, 2015

    The Warhol and the New Hazlett Theater present Richard Maxwell’s The Evening. Asi, Cosmo, and Beatrice each embody a different attitude toward life: you fight, you accept, or you run away. Each of these people — played with a hypnotic emotional transparency — seriously considers all of these options as they travel through a landscape inspired by [...]

  • Event Dinner at Soba

    April 23, 2015

    Please note: this is an off-site event. Soba generously hosts an elegant dinner benefiting the New Hazlett Theater. We invite you to an evening of fine food and good friends on Tuesday, June 9th at 6PM. The wonderful chefs at Soba are preparing a delectable menu for the event. This pan-Asian cuisine is best experienced in a group, so join us and other supporters of the [...]

  • Dance A (micro) history of world economics, danced

    April 20, 2015

    A (micro) history of world economics, danced explores our collective economic history through a blend of dance and theatre. By integrating the stories of diverse community participants, this work explores the impacts of the financial crisis on people’s lives. The Pittsburgh iteration seeks to give voice to people with disabilities as participants of the full-spectrum of [...]

  • Theater Mercy Train

    April 20, 2015

    On a train in Texas (circa 1925) sisters Francie and Sissy awaken to discover their mother has disappeared. A street rat, Mule, declares they are on an orphan train, bound for a new life, but the sisters know Momma wouldn’t leave them. In present day NYC, Elise and Frankie skip school to take a subway to Coney [...]

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